Bell 206 Long Ranger Helicopter

If you’re not able to get there by land or airplane, the Bell Long Ranger is ideal for transporting passengers and materials to remote areas in Papua New Guinea. The Long Ranger is a proven helicopter used in industry for many years. This helicopter provides an affordable and versatile solution to your transportation needs.

Services we Offer

  • Passenger / Corporate charter (up to 6 passengers depending on distance)
  • Medevac
  • Aerial survey
  • Materials transportation
  • Confined area operations
  • External (sling) load operations
  • Operations in conjunction with our Kodiak aircraft
  • Other requests considered

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  • Range - up to 400 km (depending on load)
  • Payload - up to 450 kg (depending on distance and landing sites)
  • Speed - 100 knots
  • External cargo hook
  • Dual stretcher fit